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Super Star Online for Schools

This web site (Super Star Phonics) and our subscriptions are designed for families. Subscriptions for schools are available from our school sister site at: Help Me 2 Learn Company (https://HelpMe2Learn.com). Super Star Online from the Help Me 2 Learn Company has been used with great success, by schools all over the United States since 2008.

The same exceptional courses are available on both sites. The difference is in the payment method and our school site offeres subscriptions for more students and many additional "teacher features".

Promotion: We are currently offering the following introductory promotion for schools - Play "Ring the Cowbell"

Win a subscription to "Super Star Online": Play "Ring the Cowbell".
Win a subscription to "Super Star Online": Play "Ring the Cowbell".

Free Preview of our Teacher & Admins courses: We offer an opportunity to view and try our Teacher & Admins course, click on Super Star Free Course Preview (free). User name: super, password: star. If you like what you see, play our "Ring the Cowbell" game or you can request a free 30-day subscription for your school, which will include individual accounts and all the features of Super Star Online.

Free 30-day Trial for Schools
To request a 30-day free subscription for your school, send your e-mail request to: Free Subscription Request for School or call 800-460-7001. We will usually setup the free subscription within one day. If you only want to preview our courses, use the Preview of Courses above. This subscription involves setting up accounts for your students. We will be happy to help or import your students for you.
More information about setting up Super Star Online for a school, is available at from the Help Me 2 Learn web site at: Setup.
We also offer a limited number of grants to schools Grants
Members of Homeschool Charters should contact us about arrangements for subscription payments

Features and Benefits of Super Star Online for Computer Labs, in the Classroom, or at Home

  • 1. Can be used in the computer lab, classroom, or at home. Super Star Online is web based, so it can be used on almost any device (some courses require Flash) that is connected to the Internet. Students can work at school and then continue their work from home. Teachers can monitor the progress of the students from school or from home. Students can use a computer, a tablet, or a phone to access Super Star Online.

  • 2. " Your Kids will Love Learning with Super Star!" We make learning Super Fun! - there is no escaping how much fun students have using our courses. Our kid friendly characters lead the way to an educational adventure with challenging games and activities. Our customers often remark at how much fun students are having while they are playing and learning - and they don't realize they are learning.

  • 3. The Super Star Motivational and Data Tracking System turns our courses into a game within a game. Students and teachers can click on the "Super Star" button to see how many stars they have earned. Once the student has earned enough stars, they can print a Certificate of Achievement showing mastery of the course.

  • 4. Variety - we use a wide variety of multimedia content to meet the learning styles of students with learning needs. This combination of a user centric computer based program filled with sounds, songs, pictures, animations, interactivity, activities and games provides the user with a rich learning environment that appeals to almost every student.

  • 5. Teacher Features - while our courses are appropriate for home and homeschool use, our research-based courses are correlated to the state and common core standards and offer the testing and reporting features that teachers need to help them identify areas of weakness and show student progress. Classroom management is easy with our cloud-based tools and teacher features. We also offer an online course for teachers to teach them our classroom management features.

  • 6. Teaching Phonics - our courses help teacher teach phonics. We find that many teachers need help with phonics and that our courses are very useful for whole class instruction in phonics. Super Star Online is also very useful for computer lab instruction; in fact, most of our customers use our courses in computer labs to reinforce classroom instruction. Our phonics courses are not strictly phonics instruction, we offer blended learning using both phonics and whole words instruction.

  • 7. At-risk students can see significant improvement with our courses that are designed with young adult characters and game-based learning. Our coaches provide interactive teaching with interactive learning and problem-based learning to motivate students and keep them engaged. Since our courses are self-paced, even students with learning disabilities will be engaged and we offer special features for these students.

  • 8. Diversitiy - We also offer diversity with muti-cultrual characters with diverse looks and ages. These characters make the e-learning more relatable to students. We also offer students different ways to look at the concepts we are teaching to provide educational development learning for students with many abilities and styles of learning. Gamification is just one part of our courses. We offer hybrid learning with a wide variety of activities and lessons. Many of our courses not only teach a topic, but they also build critical thinking and give students an opportunity to use what they have learned. We offer active learning and our goal is achievement by engagement.
What are the Results?
  • 1. Proven Effective - having fun is great because students are less resistant to doing something that is educational if it is fun. This leads more and more effective learning. Our songs stick in your head and students can't wait to play our games again. Our studies have proven that our courses improve student's test scores.

  • 2. Cost Effective - we offer a wide variety of buying choices. Our most popular choice is Super Star Online with a basic price of $5 per student per year. Super Star Online is web based and offers the option of access to our courses 24/7 and 365 days a year.

  • 3. Free Trial - we don't ask you to take our word for it. Try one of our free trials to experience the fun and learning that comes from Super Star by Help Me 2 Learn.

More information about Super Star Online for schools is available at: Help Me 2 Learn Company