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About Spanish 1a with Phonics

Spanish 1a with Phonics is a unique educational program presented in the context of enjoyable games and activities. This program teaches basic Spanish to English-speaking students. The focus is not on how many words you can memorize, but on the process of learning new words through recognizing the letter sounds and patterns. Rich in pictures, sounds, and animated illustrations, Spanish 1a with Phonics is sure to be the best way to begin to learn Spanish.

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Spanish 1a with Phonics uses a wide variety of songs, activities and games to make learning beginning Spanish an easy and enjoyable experience. Our Super Star Kids give presentations explaining the differces between the English alphabet and the Spanish alphabet. After the Alphabet song, kids can explore the Spanish Alphabet by clicking on the letters to hear the names of the letters. The Alphabet Dot-to-Dot is a fun way to practice the order of the alphabet. Most lessons are presented with a song, our "Learn the Words" activty and a fun game.

The kids really love our games such as the "Numbers to 10 Race", the "Days of the Week Game" or the "Buddy's Animal Safari Game". More fun activites include "Penny's Picnic" and my favorite game is "Lily's Snack Shop". Kids earn silver and gold stars for completing each game or activity and if they earn all the stars, they can earn a "Gold Star Certificate of Achievement".

Our unique "Learn the Words" activity builds vocabulary and helps kids learn new words as they learn the sounds that make the word. We show a picture of the word, the name of the word in both Spanish and English (they can move their cursor over the word to hear the word). Next we show the phonemes in Spanish and English that are used in the word in boxes. Kids can move their cursor through the boxes to hear each sound or they can move their cursor through the boxes to blend the sounds to make the word. This is our blended approach to phonics showing the phonemes and the whole words together to learn new words and learn the sounds that make up words.

Program Features: - The Super Star Motivational and Data Tracking system, which encourages students to earn silver and gold stars by completing each song, activity, or game

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Spanish 1a with Phonics

Topics Covered:
- Recognizing the alphabet
- Numbers up to 20
- Colors
- Days of the week
- Common greetings and basic conversation
- Connector words and accents
- Animals
- Food items
- Ocean words
- Weather words
- Spelling

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