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Our mission is to help kids learn to read and improve their reading skills. We offer software that uses a blended approach to learning to read using phonics and whole words. Our software makes learning fun and engaging.

Above is a one word example of our "Learn the Words" activity that shows one way we teach phonics sounds and word recoginition, along with pictures of the words. This blended approach makes learning new words easy and demonstrates how words are formed from sounds. Click on "Play" and then mouse over the word and the sounds.

Click Here for a brief explanation of phonics and how a blended phonics approach can help students learn to read.

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Win a subscription to "Super Star Online"
for Schools: Play "Ring the Cowbell"


Win a subscription to "Super Star Online"
for Schools: Play "Ring the Cowbell"

These are challenging times due to the Coronavirus! We want to help. We are now offering schools a free 30-day subscription to Super Star Online and we are offering home and homeschoolers a free 7-day trial of our Super Star Phonics Reading Courses.
Our courses can also help struggling students improve their reading skills. Our courses offer a wide variety of phonics songs and games that will engage your kids in learning sounds, words and reading. Super Star Phonics courses provide a foundation for success in school and in life.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit so we provide high quality content at very affordable prices. Some of the proceeds of our sales are used to provide software grants to teachers and parents.

We also accept donations from individuals and/or businesses to help us offer additional grants. All of the funds from donations will be used for grants. Donate to Super Star Phonics Charity Grant Fund.

We also seek the help and support of other orgranizations and philanthropist who share our goal of promoting literacy. Please contact us for more information about how we can work together.

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