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About Us - How We Promote Reading

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Super Star Phonics, Inc. is a 501(C)3 non-profit with the objective of promoting a blended phonics approach to learning to read. While there are many paths to learning to read, we believe that a blended phonics approach is the most effective path that will provide the best foundation for future success in school, work and life.

To achieve our objective, we offer high value, low cost phonics courses that use a blended phonics approach. These online course subscriptions are targeted to families rather than schools (our sister company, the Help Me 2 Learn Company provides subscriptions to schools). Our profits from these subscriptions will be used to offer grants to teachers (classes) and schools (public, charter and private) for the purpose of using software that promotes a blended phonics approach to learning to read.

We also accept donations from individuals and/or businesses to help us offer additional grants to teachers or schools. All of the funds from donations will be used for grants. Donate to Super Star Phonics Charity Grant Fund. We will send you a statement for you tax records for all donations over $50.

We also seek the help and support of other orgranizations and philanthropist who share our goal of promoting literacy. Please contact us for more information about how we can work together.

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About Flash

Unfortunately, Flash is no longer being supported by the browsers and Adobe. Once you upgrade your browser or computer, it will be almost impossible to run any of our courses that require Flash. We have converted most of our courses to HTML5, so they will run without Flash. We will finish converting all of our courses as soon as possible, but this is a very big project.

Users of Windows computers have the option of downloading our courses. Go to: Course Downloads


Technical Support : support@superstarphonics.com

Information: : info@superstarphonics.com

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Super Star Phonics, Inc.
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760-419-7216 or 760-419-7216
FAX: toll free: 888-391-8415

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